Zen On Guitar Circa 1965

$400 plus shipping

This Zen On guitar is a rare vintage prize. It is fully functional with two gold foil pickups, two rocker switches that control the pickups and one tone and two volume knobs. It has some cracks in the finish with some minor dents. The front plate is discolored in spots and chipped on the upper right horn. The pots have been cleaned but still have a minor scratchy noise that can only be heard when the guitar volume is adjusted when playing, otherwise there is no scratchy sound if volume is adjusted before playing. There is some fret buzz past the 12th fret but raising the bridge will easily fix this issue. However, this instrument comes ready to play. It is a surprisingly good playing and sounding instrument which goes beyond its initial novelty of being an extremely cool and unique visual presentation.

See the Zen On in action! Watch the demo.

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