College Level Jazz Lessons

Lesson One (Sample Lesson)

This course covers roughly the first six chapters of “The Jazz Theory Book” by Mark Levine.

What Will I Learn?
  • Students should be able to identify modes
  • Students should be able to identify and play against ii V and ii V I chord changes
  • Students should be able to identify triads and extensions, tritone and other chord substitutions.
  • At the conclusion of the course a student should be able to effectively analyze an approach to improvisation over standard jazz tunes.

This link will take you to my full suite of lessons at

College Level Jazz at Udemy


This is a course by a musician for musicians. Included in this course are: reading assignments, printable “handouts”, audio files and lecture videos. Each module contains about one week or more of information.

Below you will see a required and suggested text for this course. I advise you to get both of these texts to get the most out of this course.

Required text: – The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine. Sher Music Co.

ISBN 1-883217-04-0

Additional Text: The Real Book sixth edition

There are other versions of this text in Eb, Bb, Bass Clef.


Jarmo Leeuwerink
Nice course. Pleasant way of explaining the several subject and pleasant voice to listen to. Stay focused during the course, because at one point there’s a lot of info where you need to get the basics right first.


Katrina Pattison

Good so far.

Silver Sargent
It was Very Good

William Tate
The presentation itself is attractive. The sound and demonstrations make for easy learning. I’m waiting to see the rest to see if the explanations are as clear as what I have heard so far.
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